HOW TO: Re-arrange your current positions on your LinkedIn profile

On LinkedIn your work history is sorted by date, new to oldest position, and many people asked us if it’s possible to re-arrange your positions in a different order. This is highly desired for people who work on project assignments, like freelancers or entrepreneurs, who prefer to show their company first (see example below). Unfortunately this was not possible until recently. At LinkedIn they have made a few changes and now it’s really simple to make these changes:

  1. After login, click on Edit Profile via the top menu (Profile tab)
  2. Go to the Experience section
  3. Hoover with your mouse over the position you want to move, it will turn light-blue, and drag and drop it in the desired spot

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Tip: organise your profile on LinkedIn

Did you know it’s possible to re-arrange certain sections of your LinkedIn profile to put more emphasis on your education, work experience or a presentation that you’ve added to your profile? Just go to Profile in the top menu, select Edit Profile and drag the section wherever you want them. This instructional video shows you how to do it.

Profile Organiser: Use LinkedIn as adress book

LinkedIn offers paying members the ability to store profiles in separate folders (5 to 25 depending on the account) in order to organise it. It’s very useful for anyone, especially Recruiters and Job Seeker, during a quick search to save profiles in a folder and organise notes here or add contact details to it. The enclosed video provide more information about this feature:

LinkedIn member profile widget: pimp your website or blog

Widgets are basic visual building blocks which, combined in an application, hold all the data processed by the application and the available interactions on this data. small software programs or code that can be integrated into websites or blogs (source: Wikipedia]. LinkedIn offers such a plugin, in javascript code, which can be used to display a short personal profile when you click on the IN-logo:

LinkedIn Profile Widget Jacco

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See who’s viewing your LinkedIn profile with Profile Stats

The ‘Who’s viewed my profile‘ page is probably one of the most visited pages on LinkedIn as a lot of people are checking this. In fact, I know some people who check this page daily! For paid members LinkedIn provides more statistics around this topic. Not only can you see more history information but also:

  1. Trends; number of views and number of appearances in search
  2. Top Search Keywords
  3. Views by Industry
  4. Views by Geography

This video gives a good impression what to expect when you go ‘pro’:

How often is your profile viewed on average per week?

Tip: re-assign recommendations in your LinkedIn profile

Do you want to merge 2 positions into one but afraid to loose the recommendations? Or perhaps you want re-assign a recommendation that is accidently assigned to the wrong position?

The good news is that it is possible to do this. What you’ll need to do is (temporarily) remove the position associated with the recommedation. This will cause any recommendation assigned to it to be placed into an “unassigned” status. The next step is to reassign the recommendation to another appropriate position.

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LinkedIn tip: create a 100% complete profile

If you are really seriously want to use your (online) social network a 100% complete profile is a must. We pay much attention to this in our book “Career Management via LinkedIn” as its will give you a strong and essential basis for succesful networking online. According to LinkedIn figures, a 100% complete profile will be 40 times more frequently viewed!

The following LinkedIn video explains the advantages and what it takes to make 100% complete profile:


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