New LinkedIn Navigation bar

There’s an on-going trend to simplify websites to make them more suitable for tablet-PCs and smartphones, also known as a mobile-first or tablet-first strategy. LinkedIn is also going this route and have made a few changes to the navigation bar. As I’m always one of the ‘lucky’ people to get the new releases first, I wanted to share my experience with the new LinkedIn navigation bar.

New LinkedIn Navigation bar

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Summary of Changes to LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Linked has revised their User Agreement and Privacy Policy as of May 13, 2013. You can find a summary of the changes in the Privacy Policy here [Note: it’s a long list].

The following summary is intended to facilitate your review and understanding of the changes to the User Agreement. However, please take the time to read the full document, as you will be bound by its terms when you view, access or otherwise use LinkedIn’s online services.

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LinkedIn: Revolutionizing the world of recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

The editors at Masters In Human Resources Degree Guide decided to research the topic of LinkedIn Recruiting. Did you know that…

  1. 50.5%: The percentage of LinkedIn users who have complete profiles
  2. 0-2 hours: The amount of time per week most users spend on LinkedIn
  3. LinkedIn works in the opposite direction from most social media networks. The masses supply their information so that the choice few in recruiting positions can engage them.
  4. Recruiters love LinkedIn. It has changed the way jobs are placed. And we really have seen just the tip of the iceberg.
  5. 77% of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn.
  6. 48% of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn and nowhere else on social media.
  7. $3,500: The amount it costs to recruit and hire the average employee in the U.S. (not including training).
  8. 10% of jobs are filled using job networking sites (most notably, obviously, LinkedIn).
  9. 73% of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012, a 15% increase from 2011.
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Important notice regarding LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers
LinkedIn is doing a good job in improving their website. The new LinkedIn profile has become visually more appealing, you can add rich media to different sections, the difficult to install applications like WordPress or Slideshare are gone, and infrequently used pages such as LinkedIn Events are terminated. The next product that will be terminated is the Answers Q&A service at the end of January, a sign that the service wasn’t driving enough engagement on the site.

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Adding Rich Media to your LinkedIn Profile

With your New LinkedIn profile, applications like Slideshare Presentations, WordPress Blog and Events, will no longer be supported. Fortunately, because installing them was not easy, it didn’t always work and had its limitations. But there is a new way to showcase rich content on your profile; presentations, videos, documents, and more than 100 other media (see full list below). Now you can make your profile much more visually appealing by adding images, prezi presentations, audio and publications!

How to add Rich Media

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LinkedIn Polls: conducting research within communities

The strength of communities is the knowledge and experience that can be shared with each other. With LinkedIn Polls you can easily tap into ‘the wisdom of crowds’ and start a poll for free. Polls can be shared with your LinkedIn network and on Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn Polls can be found in the Applications sidebar (via top-menu More – Your Applications). You can create up to 10 free polls at a time on LinkedIn to survey other members.

LinkedIn Polls results

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Tip: organise your profile on LinkedIn

Did you know it’s possible to re-arrange certain sections of your LinkedIn profile to put more emphasis on your education, work experience or a presentation that you’ve added to your profile? Just go to Profile in the top menu, select Edit Profile and drag the section wherever you want them. This instructional video shows you how to do it.


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