LinkedIn member profile widget: pimp your website or blog

Widgets are basic visual building blocks which, combined in an application, hold all the data processed by the application and the available interactions on this data. small software programs or code that can be integrated into websites or blogs (source: Wikipedia]. LinkedIn offers such a plugin, in javascript code, which can be used to display a short personal profile when you click on the IN-logo:

LinkedIn Profile Widget Jacco

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Job Seeking and Career Coaching tips on your mobile phone!

We are very happy to release an iPhone and Android App with the latest news, tips and tricks for job seekers from career coaches and recruiters around the world. This App is aimed at English, Dutch and German readers and contains many references to online career sources. It also includes 2 news feeds with LinkedIn related articles supporting books about ‘Career Management via LinkedIn‘, in English and Dutch.

Get the best online tips in the palm of your hand:

Tab 1: English articles, career tips and advice from around the globe. On average 14 articles per day!
Tab 2: German career related articles (see also Twitter
Tab 3: Dutch HRM news, also available via Twitter account @HRMnieuws
Tab 4: All articles from the blog
Tab 5: Dutch networking and LinkedIn Tips from the weblog

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